PT1 Plenary Talk I
Chair: T.Onisawa
HALL, September 22 (WED) 9:40-10:40
PT1-1 Facial Emotional Expression Recognition with Soft Computing Techniques
Z.zenn Bien (KAIST)
Dae-jin Kim (KAIST)
Sang-wan Lee (KAIST)

PT2 Plenary Talk II
Chair: S.Miyamoto
HALL, September 22 (WED) 11:00-12:00
PT2-1 Dealing with Uncertainty in Structured and Unstructured Information Integration
Raghu Krishnapuram (IBM India Research Lab)

WP-1 Soft Computing in Petroleum Industry Organizer: C.K.Morooka
Chair: C.K.Morooka
ROOM1, September 22 (WED) 13:20-14:40
WP-1-1 Analyzing the Discretization and Feature Selection Problems applied to Petroleum Data Sets
Luis Carlos Molina Felix (Mexican Institute of Petroleum)
Lluis Antonio Belanche Muñoz (Technical University of Catalonia)
WP-1-2 Fuzzy Classification of Surface Geochemistry Data Applied to the Determination of HC Anomalies
Alexandre G. Evsukoff (NTT - COPPE/UFRJ)
Felix T. T. Gonçalves (GIMAB/LAB2M - COPPE/UFRJ)
Ricardo P. Bedregal (GIMAB/LAB2M - COPPE/UFRJ)
Nelson F. F. Ebecken (NTT - COPPE/UFRJ)
WP-1-3 The Application of Fuzzy Sets to the Evaluation of Artificial Lift Systems for Petroleum Production.
Sergio N. Bordalo (UNICAMP)
Murilo V. Bezerra (UNICAMP)
WP-1-4 Identifying Pipeline Leak by a Neuro Fuzzy System
Henrique V. Da Silva (Petrobras)
Ivan R. Guilherme (Unesp)
Celso K. Morooka (Unicamp)
J. Ricardo P. Mendes (Unicamp)

WP-2 GA Applications
Chair: R.Ghosh
ROOM2, September 22 (WED) 13:20-15:00
WP-2-1 Intelligent Nonlinear Control for Underactuated Pendulum Systems
Masaki Takahashi (Keio University)
Terumasa Narukawa (Keio University)
Kazuo Yoshida (Keio University)
WP-2-2 Bandwidth Optimisation of a Planar Inverted-F Antenna using Genetic Algorithms
Mohammad R. Ameerudden (University of Mauritius)
Robert T. F. Ah King (University of Mauritius)
Harry C. S. Rughooputh (University of Mauritius)
WP-2-3 GAFIS: Genetic Algorithm with Fuzzy Inference System
Radomil Matousek (Academy of Science of the Czech Republic and Technical University of Brno)
Ales Gottvald (Academy of Science of the Czech Republic)
WP-2-4 Plant Machinery Optimal Preventive Maintenance Strategy Using Genetic Algorithms
Riadh Zaier (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Peng Chen (Mie University)
Norihiro Abe (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Toshio Toyota (Japan CDT Laboratory)
WP-2-5 Parameter Estimation of a Multiple-Effect Evaporator by Genetic Algorithms
Arvin V. Pitteea (University of Mauritius)
Robert T. F. Ah King (University of Mauritius)
Harry. C. S. Rughooputh (University of Mauritius)

IT1 Invited Talk I
Chair: Y.Endo
ROOM3, September 22 (WED) 13:20-14:00
IT1-1 A Neural-Fuzzy Clustering Approach to Rule Extraction: the role of self-spawning competition
Zhi-qiang Liu (City University of Hong Kong)

WP-3 Clustering I Organizer: Y.Endo
Chair: Y.Endo
ROOM3, September 22 (WED) 14:00-15:00
WP-3-1 Controlling Cluster Volume Sizes in Fuzzy c-Means Clustering
Sadaaki Miyamoto (University of Tsukuba)
Naoya Kurosawa (University of Tsukuba)
WP-3-2 Extension of K-Nearest Neighbor Classification Using Fuzzy Relation
Ryuichi Murata (University of Tsukuba)
Yasunori Endo (University of Tsukuba)
Sadaaki Miyamoto (University of Tsukuba)
WP-3-3 LVQ Clustering and SOM Based on Inner Product by using a Kernel Function
Kiyotaka Mizutani (University of Tsukuba)
Ryo Inokuchi (University of Tsukuba)
Sadaaki Miyamoto (University of Tsukuba)

WP-4 Toward a Dedign Principle for the Brain Like Computer Organizer: T.Omori
Chair: T.Omori
ROOM4, September 22 (WED) 13:20-15:00
WP-4-1 A system theory for the brain-like computer
Hiroshi Tsujino (Honda Research Institute Japan)
WP-4-2 A parallel aVLSI system emulating neuronal citcuits of early vision
Tetsuya Yagi (Osaka University)
Kazuhiro Shimonomura (Osaka University)
WP-4-3 A Proposal of 3-dimensional Self-organizing Memory and its Application to Knowledge Extraction from Natural Language
Kai Sakakibara (Keio University)
Masafumi Hagiwara (Keio University)
WP-4-4 Emergent Nature of Cognitive System for Problem--Solving
Hiroaki Suzuki (Aoyama Gakuin University)
WP-4-5 Brain computation system that searches for internal procedures by functional parts combination
Takashi Omori (Hokkaido University)
Akitoshi Ogawa (Hokkaido University)

WP-5 Soft Science Organizer: H.Yamashita
Chair: H.Yamashita
ROOM5, September 22 (WED) 13:20-15:00
WP-5-1 An intuitional fuzzy graph drawing by use GA
Yoshinori Ueda (Toyo Univ.)
Masayuki Mastumoto (Toyo Univ.)
Akira Satho (Toyo Univ.)
Hajime Yamashita (Waseda Univ.)
WP-5-2 A Method of Information Retrieval using Fuzzy Database
Syuichiro Arai (Toyo University)
Akira Satoh (Toyo University)
Kensei Tsuchida (Toyo University)
WP-5-3 Mathematical Kansei Analysis Applying Fuzzy Reasoning
Michiko Yanai (Waseda University)
Hiroaki Uesu (Waseda University)
Kimiaki Shinkai (Waseda University)
Jiro Inaida (Nihon University)
WP-5-4 Fuzzy Clustering Level Analysis Applying AIC
Shuya Kanagawa (Musashi Institute of Technology)
Ei Tsuda (Kokugakuinn SR.HS.)
Kimiaki Shinnkai (Waseda University)
Hajime Yamashita (Waseda University)
WP-5-5 Mathematical Analysis of Fuzzy Reasoning
Yoshiharu Okuda (NTT DATA)

WP-6 Neural Networks Applications III
Chair: S.Saito
ROOM6, September 22 (WED) 13:20-14:40
WP-6-1 Solving CSP via Neural Network Which Can Update All Neurons Simultaneously
Takahiro Nakano (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Masahiro Nagamatu (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
WP-6-2 Parallel Execution of Neural Network for Solving SAT
Kairong Zhang (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Masahiro Nagamatu (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
WP-6-3 A Constructive Algorithm for Neural Network Ensemble: Dynamical Change in Input Space
Muhammad Aminul Haque Akhand (University of Fukui)
Md. Monirul Islam (BUET, Bangladesh)
K. Murase (University of Fukui)
WP-6-4 Revised GMDH-type Neural Networks using Prediction Error Criterions AIC and PSS
Tadashi Kondo (The University of Tokushima)
WP-6-5 Application of Neural Inverse Modeling Scheme to Optimal Parameter Tuning Filter Scanner
Yun-jong Han (Kunsan National University)
Yui-su Youk (Kunsan National University)
Geum-dong Bae (Kunsan National University)
Sung-ho Kim (Kunsan National University)

WP-7 S.C.Solutions for Electric Power and Energy System
Chair: Y.Fukuyama
ROOM7, September 22 (WED) 13:20-15:00
WP-7-1 Smart Power Quality Monitoring System for Single-Phase Loads
Girish R. Pudaruth (University of Mauritius)
Robert T. F. Ah King (University of Mauritius)
Harry C. S. Rughooputh (University of Mauritius)
WP-7-2 Differential Evolution for Optimal Electrical Distribution Network Reconfiguration
Bhoomesh Radha (University of Mauritius)
Robert T. F. Ah King (University of Mauritius)
Harry C. S. Rughooputh (University of Mauritius)
WP-7-3 Multi-Objective Environmental/Economic Dispatch by NSGA-II
Robert T. F. Ah King (University of Mauritius)
Harry C. S. Rughooputh (University of Mauritius)
WP-7-4 Optimal Operational Planning of a Cogeneration Plant Considering Load Forecasting Error
Naoki Hayashi (Fuji Electric Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.)
Tatsuya Tsukada (Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.)
Shinji Kitagawa (Fuji Electric Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.)
Yoshikazu Fukuyama (Fuji Electric Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.)
WP-7-5 Support vector machines with genetic algorithms in forecasting electricity load
Wei-chiang Hong (Da-Yeh University)
Ping-feng Pai (Da-Yeh University)

IT2 Invited Talk II
Chair: K.Nomoto
ROOM8, September 22 (WED) 13:20-13:40
IT2-1 Building An Intelligent Data Analysis Model With Engineering Application
Wong Kok Wai Kevin (Nanyang Technological University)

WP-8 System Modeling
Chair: K.Nomoto
ROOM8, September 22 (WED) 13:40-14:40
WP-8-1 New Fuzzy Modeling of Nonlinear Dynamic System Using the Relevance Vector Machine
Jongcheol Kim (Keio University)
Taewon Kim (Keio University)
Yasuo Suga (Keio University)
WP-8-2 Conceptual Modelling of new knowledge Reconfiguration based on the common node connection from a different memory
Jeonyon Shim (Kangnam Univ.)
WP-8-3 RLSE Based Real Time Estimation Technique with Optimal Forgetting Factor for Passive Telemetry Sensor System
Joon-tark Lee (Dong-A Univ. Korea)
Kyung-yup Kim (Dong-A Univ. Korea)
Seok-jun Ji (Dong-A Univ. Korea)
WP-8-4 A Novel Approach to Design of Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Classifier
Moon Hwan Kim (Yonsei University)
Young Hoon Joo (Kunsan University)
Jin Bae Park (Yonsei University)

WE-1 Soft Computing Applications
Chair: H.Kikuchi
ROOM1, September 22 (WED) 15:40-17:40
WE-1-1 Color Image Segmentation with SOCNet algorithm
Philippe Biela Enberg (HEI-ERASM LAGIS UMR CNRS 8146)
Jack-gerard Postaire (LAGIS UMR CNRS 8146)
WE-1-2 Fuzzy Natural Color System for Achromatic Colors
Naotoshi Sugano (Tamagawa University)
WE-1-3 Cursor Snapping into Multi-Resolution Grid Systems Based on Fuzzy Point Model
Qamar Uddin Khand (Muroran Institute of Technology)
Sato Saga (Muroran Institute of Technology)
Junji Maeda (Muroran Institute of Technology)
WE-1-4 Feature Recognition Technique from 2D Ship Model Using Fuzzy Rule
Deok Eun Kim (Pusan National University)
Soo Young Kim (Pusan National University)
WE-1-5 Forecasting of Financial Time Series with a Digital Filter and a Neural Network
Susumu Saito (Tokyo University of Science)
Shintaro Kanda (Tokyo University of Science)
WE-1-6 Traffic Measurement Using Linear Predictive Coding of Road Environmental Sound from Microphone on The Vehicle
Hironori Hara (Keio University)
Shinji Ozawa (Keio University)

WE-2 Evolutionary Computation
Chair: H.Rughooputh
ROOM2, September 22 (WED) 15:40-17:40
WE-2-1 A hybrid evolutionary algorithm for multi category feature selection in Breast Cancer recognition
Ranadhir Ghosh (University of Ballarat)
Moumita Ghosh (University of Ballarat)
John Yearwood (University of Ballarat)
WE-2-2 Training Radial Basis Function Networks Using the Differential Evolution Based Approaches
Junhong Liu (Lappeenranta University of Technology)
Saku Kukkonen (Lappeenranta University of Technology)
Jouni Lampinen (Lappeenranta University of Technology)
WE-2-3 A Cooperative Coevolutionary Approach to the Inference of Genetic Networks
Shuhei Kimura (RIKEN GSC)
Mariko Hatakeyama (RIKEN GSC)
Akihiko Konagaya (RIKEN GSC)
WE-2-4 An Interior Layout Support System with Interactive Evolutionary Computation using Evaluation Agents
Yusuke Bamba (Keio University)
Junji Kotani (Canon Inc.)
Masafumi Hagiwara (Keio University)
WE-2-5 A hybrid neural learning algorithm combining evolutionary Algorithm with discrete gradient method
Moumita Ghosh (University of Ballarat)
Adil Bagirov (University of Ballarat)
Ranadhir Ghosh (University of Ballarat)
John Yearwood (University of Ballarat)
WE-2-6 Evolutionary Computation for Statistical Learning Theory
Sung-hae Jun (Cheongju University)
Mitsuo Gen (Waseda University)

IT3 Invited Talk III
Chair: Y.Endo
ROOM3, September 21 (TUE) 15:40-16:20
IT3-1 Nonlinear classification by fuzzy clustering and related techniques
S. Miyamoto (University of Tsukuba)

WE-3 Clustering II Organizer: Y.Endo
Chair: Y.Endo
ROOM3, September 22 (WED) 16:20-17:20
WE-3-1 Analysis of Maritime Accidents using Fuzzy Clustering - Kinds, Causes amd Number of Ships
Kazuyuki Tanaka (Japan Coast Guard)
Mika Sato-ilic (University of Tsukuba)
WE-3-2 Knowledge Discovery from POS Transaction Data Using Local Independent Components Uncorrelated to External Criteria
Katsuhiro Honda (Osaka Prefecture University)
Hidetomo Ichihashi (Osaka Prefecture University)
WE-3-3 Noise Fuzzy Clustering in Kernel Feature Spaces for Robust PCA
Hidetomo Ichihashi (Osaka Prefecture University)
Katsuhiro Honda (Osaka Prefecture University)

WE-4 Intelligent Agent System
Chair: R.Zaier
ROOM4, September 22 (WED) 15:40-17:40
WE-4-1 A Study on an Intelligent Help System that synchronizes with Operation of Application Software
Ichiro Kobayashi (Ochanomizu University)
Tomoko Tsunawaki (Hitachi Systems \& Services)
WE-4-2 Mobile Multi Agent based Intelligent Digital Library System
Young Im Cho (Pyongtaek University)
Myung Sook Kim (Ewha Woman's University)
WE-4-3 A Rule-Based BDI Agent Architecture to Support Reactive and Proactive Behaviors
Bong-ki Sohn (Chungbuk University/AITrc)
Hak-joon Kim (Howon University)
Keon-myung Lee (Chungbuk University/AITrc)
WE-4-4 Preliminary Studies for Incoming Web-based Melanoma Diagnostic System
Hitoshi Iyatomi (Hosei University)
Hiroshi Oka (Keio University)
Masahiro Hashimoto (Keio University)
Masaru Tanaka (Keio University)
Masafumi Hagiwara (Keio University)
WE-4-5 A Study on the Construction of Intelligent Distribution Management System for Efficient Distribution of Agricultural Products
Jong-moon Ju (Kyungnam University)
Seung-gook Hwang (Kyungnam University)
WE-4-6 Intelligent Software Programmable Logic Controller
Young Im Cho (Pyongtaek University)

WE-5 Intelligent Vision System
Chair: I.Hwang
ROOM5, September 22 (WED) 15:40-17:40
WE-5-1 Tracking Racket Face in Tennis Serve Motion Using High-Speed Multiple Cameras
Hiroshi Ohya (Keio University)
Hideo Saito (Keio University)
WE-5-2 Estimation of illumination distribution based on arbitrary shape objects
Xiaoyan Tong (Keio University)
Hideo Saito (Keio University)
WE-5-3 Sleep and Wake Functions Based On AIM Model for Multiple Vision System
Masahiko Mikawa (University of Tsukuba)
WE-5-4 Traffic Monitoring System for Measuring\ Number of Vehicles in Various Environments
Mitsuru Ambai (Keio University)
Shinji Ozawa (Keio University)
WE-5-5 Bathroom Watching using a Breath Detection System
Tomofumi Nishiura (Keio Univ.)
Masato Nakajima (Keio Univ.)
WE-5-6 A Study on the Edge Enhancement of X-ray Images Generated by a Gas Electron Multiplier Chamber
Byung-soo Moon (KAERI)
In-koo Hwang (KAERI)
Chong-eun Chung (KAERI)
Kee-choon Kwon (KAERI)

WE-6 Soft Computing in System Technology
Chair: K.Wong
ROOM6, September 22 (WED) 15:40-17:40
WE-6-1 Applying Multi-Agent Algorithm to a Class Scheduling System
Eiji Nunohiro (Tokyo University of Information Sciences)
Kenneth Mackin (Tokyo University of Information Sciences)
WE-6-2 A Probabilistically Optimal Ensemble Technique for Training Based Classifiers
Kosuke Imamura (Eastern Washington University)
Kris Smith (Eastern Washington University)
WE-6-3 Temporal Formula Specifications Using An Inductive Method
Chikatoshi Yamada (Takushoku University Hokkaido College)
Yasunori Nagata (University of the Ryukyus)
Zensho Nakao ( University of the Ryukyus)
WE-6-4 Multi-Pattern-to-Single-Pattern Functional Approximations by combined Support Vector Machines and FeedForward Neural Networks
Vijaynarasimha Pakka (Indian Institute of Science)
WE-6-5 Method for Representation of Complexity Using Curvature Integration and Multi-Resolution Representation
Yoshiki Ujiie (Keio University)
Yoshiyuki Matsuoka (Keio University)
WE-6-6 Temporal Radial Basis Function For Spatio-Temporal Series
Mesbahi Larbi (simpa laboratory oran)
Benyettou Aek (simpa laboratory oran)
Hendel Fatiha (laresi laboratory)

WE-7 Optimization
Chair: T.Takahama
ROOM7, September 22 (WED) 15:40-17:40
WE-7-1 Constrained Optimization by Combining the alpha Constrained Method with Particle Swarm Optimization
Tetsuyuki Takahama (Hiroshima City University)
Setsuko Sakai (Hiroshima Shudo University)
WE-7-2 An Inverse Fuzzy State Space Algorithm for Optimization of Parameters in a Furnace System
Razidah Ismail (University of Technology MARA)
Tahir Ahmad (University of Technology Malaysia)
Shamsuddin Ahmad (University of Technology Malaysia)
Rashdi Shah Ahmad (University of Technology Malaysia)
WE-7-3 Design Optimization of the Forging Process for the Flare Nut using Computer Simulation
Kyu-taek Han (Pukyong National University)
Seok-dae Kim (Pukyong National University)
WE-7-4 A Method for Computing a Global Optimal Solution of Continuous Optimization Problems
Chikashi Nakazawa (Fuji Electric Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.)
Shinji Kitagawa (Fuji Electric Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.)
Yoshikazu Fukuyama (Fuji Electric Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.)
Hsiao-dong Chiang (Cornell University)
WE-7-5 Optimising Continuous Microstructures: A Comparison of Gradient-Based and Stochastic Methods
Siavash Haroun Mahdavi (university college london)
Sean Hanna (university college london)
WE-7-6 Simulation of Developmental Process of Organism and Application to Structural Design
Masato Inoue (Keio University)
Yoshiyuki Matsuoka (Keio University)

WE-8 Human Judgement and Decision Making Organizer: K.Takemura
Chair: K.Takemura
ROOM8, September 22 (WED) 15:40-17:40
WE-8-1 Fuzzy Ratings and Crisp Feedback in Fuzzy AHP
Toshiyuki Yamashita (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology)
WE-8-2 The Explication of Similarity, Compromise, and Attraction Effects by the REGAL Model
Kenpei Shiina (Waseda University)
WE-8-3 An Additive Utility for Choices of Income Streams
Yutaka Matsusihita (Shimizu Corporation)
WE-8-4 Fuzzy Purchase Intention Model: An Extension of Fishbein \& Ajzen Model
Daiki Wakayama (Akita Prefectural University)
Kazuhisa Takemura (Waseda University)
WE-8-5 Ambiguous Comparative Judgment: Fuzzy Set Model and Data Analysis
Kazuhisa Takemura (Waseda University)
WE-8-6 Analysis of Multicategory Purchase Incidence
Atsuho Nakayama (Rikkyo (St. Paul's) University)