Proposal for Organized Technical Sessions

Each organized technical session will have five paper presentations. An organizer can propose maximum three organized sessions. If any session is lack of full presentations, program committee will imbed some presentations of near field.

The organizers will be responsible for soliciting the papers, reviewing, and making final decisions, in consultation with the conference chair. To submit all final drafts by July 31, he/she should manage. Advanced registrations are required for all of the presentators including the organizer. The names of organizers will appear as organized session committee members in the proceedings.

Reward for Foreign Organizers:
If all of five advanced registrations of the organized sessions are confirmed, we economically support 10,000 yen (about 93 US dollar) per session to the organizer at the conference site.

Proposals to organized sessions should include the following information:

name and address (including E-mail) of the proposer,
title of the session,
the 100-word description,
and each author's names and addresses (including E-mail).

Mail the proposal to Organized Sessions Committee Chair (K.Nomoto: address is given in the below) before April 30 2004. E-mail submissions are preferred.

Kohei Nomoto, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation SCIS & ISIS 2004 Organized Sessions Committee Chair