PT5 Plenary Talk V
Chair: K.Hirota
HALL, September 24 (FRI) 9:40-10:40
PT5-1 Intelligent Systems: An Assesment of the Past and the Prospects for
Okyay Kaynak (Bogazici University, Turkey)

FA-1 Fuzzy Measures and Cooperative Game Theory I Organizer: M.Grabisch
Chair: M.Grabisch
ROOM1, September 24 (FRI) 11:00-12:00
FA-1-1 Relationships among continuity conditions and null-additivity conditions in non-additive measure theory
S. Asahina (Tokyo Institute of Technology )
K. Uchino (Tokyo Institute of Technology )
T. Murofushi (Tokyo Institute of Technology )
FA-1-2 The Choquet integral as a piecewise linear function and Chua's canonical form
T. Sakurai (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
T. Murofushi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
FA-1-3 Subjective Evaluation Process by Multi-Dimensional Fuzzy Measure
Aoi Honda (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Junji Yamagami (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Yoshiaki Okazaki (Kyushu Institute of Technology)

FA-2 Robotics I
Chair: K.Wada
ROOM2, September 24 (FRI) 11:00-12:20
FA-2-1 Robustness of a Biped Robot Controller Developed by Human Expertise Extraction against Actuators Malfunctioning
Sara Tabrizi (Sharif University of Technology)
Saeed Bagheri (Sharif University of Technology)
FA-2-2 Sliding Mode Feedback-Error-Learning Neurocontrol Strategy for a Robot Manipulator
Andon V. Topalov (Bogazici University)
Okyay Kaynak (Bogazici University)
FA-2-3 An Avoidance Obstacle in the Chaotic Robot
Cheonseok Kim (Yosu Nat'l Univ)
Youngchul Bae (Yosu Nat'l Univ)
Hyunsik Shin (Yosu Nat'l Univ)
FA-2-4 Target Searching Method in the Chaotic Robot
Hyunsik Shin (Yosu Nat'l Univ )
Youngchul Bae (Yosu Nat'l Univ )
Cheonseok Kim (Yosu Nat'l Univ )

FA-3 Humanity Conscious Monitoring of Behavioral States II Organizer: K.Nakamura & M.Iwahashi
Chair: K.Nakamura & M.Iwahashi
ROOM3, September 24 (FRI) 11:00-12:20
FA-3-1 Face-orientation Detection and Monitoring for Networked Interaction Therapy
Akira Utsumi (ATR)
Shinjiro Kawato (ATR)
Kenji Susami (ATR)
Noriaki Kuwahara (ATR)
Kazuhiro Kuwabara (ATR)
FA-3-2 Person Identification by Multi-Directional Face Recognition while Walking in a Room
Suriyon Tansuriyavong (Nagaoka University of Technology)
Jun-ya Ebisawa (Nagaoka University of Technology)
Masayoshi Endo (Nagaoka University of Technology)
Shin-ichi Hanaki (Nagaoka University of Technology)
FA-3-3 Understanding of living activity in a house for a real-time life support
Katsunori Matsuoka (AIST)
Kyoko Fukushima (AIST)
FA-3-4 Multisensor Human Tracker based on the Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method
Takuya Murakita (Osaka University)
Tetsushi Ikeda (Osaka University)
Hiroshi Ishiguro (Osaka University)

FP-1 Fuzzy Measures and Cooperative Game Theory II Organizer: M.Grabisch
Chair: M.Grabisch
ROOM1, September 24 (FRI) 13:20-14:40
FP-1-1 On distorted probabilities and m-dimensional distorted probabilities: A review
Yasuo Narukawa (Toho Gakuen)
Vicenc Torra (IIIA-CSIC)
FP-1-2 New characterizations of k-additivity and k-monotonicity of bi-capacities
Katsushige Fujimoto (Fukushima University)
FP-1-3 Partially independent bi-capacities in MCDM
Ch. Labreuche (Thales Research \& Technology)
M. Grabisch (University of Paris I)
FP-1-4 An axiomatization of the Shapley value and interaction index for games on lattices
Michel Grabisch (University of Paris I)

FP-2 Robotics II
Chair: A.Topalov
ROOM2, September 24 (FRI) 13:20-15:00
FP-2-1 Intelligent Control of Autonomous Soccer Robots Compensating Missing Information
Hikari Fujii (Keio University)
Nobuyuki Kurihara (Keio University)
Kazuo Yoshida (Keio University)
FP-2-2 Robotic Applications for Odor-Sensing Technology
Wisnu Jatmiko (Nagoya University)
Toshio Fukuda (Nagoya University)
Yusuke Ikemoto (Nagoya University)
Fumihito Arai (Nagoya University)
Benyamin Kusumoputro (University of Indonesia)
FP-2-3 Taxonomy of Atomic Actions for Home-Service Robots
Hyunseok Kim (ICU)
Yuchul Jung (ICU)
Yong K. Hwang (ICU)
FP-2-4 Intelligent Robot: Chaotic Exploration and Goal Finding
Jin-shig Kang (Cheju Natl Univ.)
FP-2-5 Temporal Neural Network applied in Reactive Navigation of Mobile Robot
Mesbahi Larbi (simpa laboratory oran)
Hendel Fatiha (laresi labo. oran)
Berrached N.e. (laresi laboratory)
Benyettou Aek (simpa laboratory)

FP-3 Humanity Conscious Monitoring of Behavioral States II Organizer: K.Nakamura & M.Iwahashi
Chair: K.Nakamura & M.Iwahashi
ROOM3, September 24 (FRI) 13:20-14:40
FP-3-1 Intelligent Monitoring of Pedestrian Behavior by Image Understanding
Santoso Handri (Nagaoka University of Technology)
Kazuo Nakamura (Nagaoka University of Technology)
FP-3-2 Analysis and Simulation of Group Behavior Using Dominant Region
Tsuyoshi Taki (Chukyo University)
Junichi Hasegawa (Chukyo University)
FP-3-3 A Surveillance System in the Skiing Ground
Koji Ueno (Nagaoka University of Technology)
Masahiro Iwahashi (Nagaoka University of Technology)
FP-3-4 Monitoring Tourists' Bahavior Using a Mobile Phone Equipped with a GPS
Hidekazu Sawada (Institute of Technology, Shimizu Corporation)
Tadashi Hane (Institute of Technology, Shimizu Corporation)

FP-4 Robot Therapy Organizer: T.Shibata & K Wada
Chair: T.Shibata & K.Wada
ROOM4, September 24 (FRI) 13:20-14:40
FP-4-1 Psychological Effects and Change of Familiarity with Robots in Long-Term Experiment of Robot Assisted Activity
Kazuyoshi Wada (AIST)
Takanori Shibata (AIST \& PRESTO, JST)
Tomoko Saito (AIST)
Tanie Kazuo (AIST)
FP-4-2 Change of Stress Reaction of the Elderly by Interaction with Robot Seal in Health Services Facility for the Aged
Tomoko Saito (AIST)
Takanori Shibata (AIST, PRESTO, JST)
Kazuyoshi Wada (AIST)
Kazuo Tanie (AIST)
FP-4-3 Robot Assisted Activity Using Robotic Pets in Children Hospital
Ryuhei Kimura (Teikyo University of Science and Technology)
FP-4-4 Trial of Robot Therapy in Elderly People
Toshimitsu Hamada (Nasu University)
Tomomi Hashimoto (Saitama Institute of Technology)
Toshiko Akazawa (Kitasato University)
Yoshio Matsumoto ( Tokai University)
Yoshihito Kagawa (Takushoku University)

FP-5 Learning on Complex Simulated World Organizer: J.Nishino
Chair: J.Nishino
ROOM5, September 24 (FRI) 13:20-15:00
FP-5-1 Applying the assembling method of the driving model using imaginary preceding vehicle on the microscopic road traffic simulator (MITRAM).
Weien Wang (University of Electro-Communications)
Daigo Kobayashi (Taiyo Yuden CO.,LTD)
Naoaki Itakura (University of Electro-Communications)
Nakaji Honda (University of Electro-Communications)
Kunio Yikai (MI Ventures Corp)
FP-5-2 Speedup of Learning for Active Learning Method by using Supervised Data
Yoshitaka Sakurai (University of Electro-Communications )
Nakaji Honda (University of Electro-Communications)
FP-5-3 Toward the Development of a High Fault Tolerant Learning System Based on the ALM Architecture
Masayuki Murakami (University of Electro-Communications)
Nakaji Honda (University of Electro-Communications)
FP-5-4 Adaptation to Multi-Agent Environment by External Advice
Hidehisa Akiyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Daisuke Katagami (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Yoshiaki Yasumura (Kobe University)
Katsumi Nitta (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
FP-5-5 An Evolutionary Approach for Learning Soccer Strategies
Tomoharu Nakashima (Osaka Prefecture Universuty)
Masahiro Takatani (Osaka Prefecture Universuty)
Masayo Udo (Osaka Prefecture Universuty)
Nisao Ishibuchi (Osaka Prefecture Universuty)

FP-6 Information System Techniques
Chair: S.Sakurai
ROOM6, September 24 (FRI) 13:20-15:00
FP-6-1 A new electronic dictionary with meaning description of case frame
Kouhei Shimizu (Keio University)
Masahumi Hagiwara (Keio University)
FP-6-2 A New Approach to Efficient XML-Processing by Lazy Functional Programming
Arne Kutzner (Seokyeong University Seoul/Korea)
Pok-son Kim (Kookmin University Seoul/Korea)
FP-6-3 A Generation of XML Schema from Entity-Relationship Model
Chang Suk Kim (Kongju National University)
Dae Su Kim (Hanshin University)
Kwang-baik Kim (Silla University)
FP-6-4 A Method for Statistical Diagnosing a Web Site Structures based on Graph Theory
Hideaki Sano (Toshiba Information Systems Technology Co. Ltd.)
Masaaki Kanakubo (Tokyo University of Technology)
Chiaki Hishinuma (Tokyo University of Technology)
FP-6-5 A New Scheduling Model Based on a Description Logic - Comparison with the Model of Manne
Pok-son Kim (Kookmin University)
Arne Kutzner (Seokyeong University)

FP-7 Application Organizer: T.Kaino
Chair: T.Kaino
ROOM7, September 24 (FRI) 13:20-15:00
FP-7-1 A Credit Risk Measuring Model Using Logit Model and Choquet Integral
Ken Urata (Dentsu Inc.)
Shin-ichi Yoshida (Aoyama Gakuin University )
Hajime Nobuhara (Tokyo Institute of Technology )
Kazuhiko Kawamoto (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Yutaka Hatakeyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology )
Toshihiro Kaino (Aoyama Gakuin University )
Kaoru Hirota (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
FP-7-2 A Practical Solution for Vehicle Dispatching Problem on Cooperative Deliveries
Fangyan Dong (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Kewei Chen (Computing Technology driving Laboratory)
Kaoru Hirota (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
FP-7-3 Jump start of knowledge management and e-learning system using multimedia contents
Hisao Hiromoto (FUJITSU LTD.)
FP-7-4 Born digital data and Its application to corporate management
Masayuki Kudoh (Aoyama Gakuin University)
Toshihiro Kaino (Aoyama Gakuin University)
FP-7-5 Intangible Assets Management and Soft-computing
Toshihiro Kaino (Aoyama Gakuin university)

FE-1 Biominetic Machines and Softcomputing Organizer: K.Watanabe & M.Minami
Chair: K.Watanabe
ROOM1, September 24 (FRI) 15:40-17:40
FE-1-1 Control of Nonholonomic Mobile Robots Using a Neurointerface with a Fuzzy Feedback Compensator
Rafiuddin Syam (Saga University)
Keigo Watanabe (Saga University)
Sang-ho Jin (Doowon Technical College)
Kiyotaka Izumi (Saga University)
Wei Song (Fukui University)
Takahiro Natsume (Toyota Macs Inc.)
Mamoru Minami (Fukui University)
FE-1-3 Intelligent Sub-coach Construction in a Fuzzy Coach-Player System for Controlling a Robot Manipulator
Chandimal Jayawardena (Saga University)
Keigo Watanabe (Saga University)
Kiyotaka Izumi (Saga University)
FE-1-4 Switching Fuzzy Energy Method Optimized by Genetic Algorithm for Controlling Underactuated Manipulators
Kiyotaka Izumi (Saga University)
Keisuke Ichida (Saga University)
Keigo Watanabe (Saga University)
FE-1-5 Active Perceptual Anchoring for Enhancing the Perception of Cooperative Mobile Robots
Sherwin Guirnaldo (Saga University)
Keigo Watanabe (Saga University)
Kiyotaka Izumi (Saga University)
FE-1-6 A Proposal of Test Method for Bayesian Network by Using Self-Organizing Maps
Kunihiro Tada (Mindware)

FE-2 Medical Engineering Organizer: Y.Hata
Chair: Y.Hata
ROOM2, September 24 (FRI) 15:40-17:40
FE-2-1 Case Grading Method for Getting Maximum Diagnostic Accuracy by Multiple Tests
Sadayasu Shibata (Kitasato University)
FE-2-2 Nursing Fuzzy Expert System for Preventing
Miyako Konishi (Osaka Prefecture College of Nursing)
Yutaka Hata (University of Hyogo)
FE-2-3 Fuzzy Object Model-based Image Segmentation for in vivo Evaluation of Support Implant of Artificial Hip Joint
Chika Maeda (University of Hyogo)
Shoji Kobashi (University of Hyogo)
Katsuya Kondo (University of Hyogo)
Yutaka Hata (University of Hyogo)
Nao Shibanuma (Kobe Kaisei Hospital)
Masahiro Kurosaka (Kobe University)
FE-2-4 Position and Pose Estimation of the occluded Artificial Knee Joint in X-ray Fluoroscopy Images Based on Fuzzy Image Processing
Toshihiko Tomosada (University of Hyogo)
Syoji Kobashi (University of Hyogo)
Katsuya Kondo (University of Hyogo)
Yutaka Hata (University of Hyogo)
Yasuju Takano (Kobe Steel, Ltd)
Akio Muranaka (Kobe Steel, Ltd)
Nao Shibanuma (Kobe Kaisei Hostpital)
Hirotugu Muratsu (Kobe University)
Shinichi Yoshiya (Kobe University)
Masahiro Kurosaka (Kobe University)
FE-2-5 Fuzzy Determination of Anatomical Reference Points in 3D Kinematical Measurement for Human Body
Kouki Nagamune (Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine)
Hirotsugu Muratsu (Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine)
Shinichi Yoshiya (Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine)
Masahiro Kurosaka (Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine)
Yutaka Hata (University of Hyogo)
FE-2-6 Fuzzy Ultrasonography System for Estimating Roughness
Kensaku Iseri (University of Hyogo)
Syoji Kobashi (University of Hyogo)
Katsuya Kondo (University of Hyogo)
Yutaka Hata (University of Hyogo)
Kouki Nagamune (Kobe University)

FE-3 Cognitive Mechanism in Human Communications Organizer: K.Nakamura & T.Yukawa
Chair: K.Nakamura & T. Yukawa
ROOM3, September 24 (FRI) 15:40-17:20
FE-3-1 Implementation and Evaluation of a Question Answering system using Concept-based Vector Space Model
Isrami Bin (Nagaoka University of Technology)
Takasi Yukawa (Nagaoka University of Technology)
FE-3-2 End-User Programming by Linguistic Expression employing Interaction and Paraphrasing
Nozomu Kaneko (University of Tsukuba)
Takehisa Onisawa (University of Tsukuba)
FE-3-3 Muscle Activity Patterns and Geometrical Features in Attractive Facial Expressions
Tohru Sugahara (Shinshu University)
Tsugutake Sadoyama (Shinshu University)
Masayoshi Kamijo (Shinshu University)
Satoshi Hosoya (Shinshu University)
Takeyoshi Iguchi (Konica Minolta Technology Center, Inc.)
FE-3-4 An Interaction Model to Analyze Dynamics of Human Performance
Tomoko Kikuchi (Cognitive Processes in Human Communications)
Yoshiteru Nakamori (Cognitive Processes in Human Communications)
FE-3-5 Game Theoretic Decision Behavior under Interpersonal Affective Communications
Kazuo Nakamura (Nagaoka University of Technology )
Jun Wada (Toto Bath Create Ltd.)

FE-4 Intelligence in Robotics Organizer: K.Kiguchi, Y.Hasegawa & T.Fukuda
Chair: K.Kiguchi
ROOM4, September 24 (FRI) 15:40-17:20
FE-4-1 Low-Ground-Pressure Vehicle for Adaptive Mine Detection
Yasuhisa Hasegawa (University of Tsukuba)
Yasuhiro Kawai (Nagoya University)
Kazunori Yokoe (Nagoya University)
Toshio Fukuda (Nagoya University)
FE-4-2 Estimation of Sleep Quality Based on Chaos Analysis of Heart Rate Variability
Yuki Wakuda (Nagoya Univ.)
Yasuhisa Hasegawa (Tsukuba Univ.)
Toshio Fukuda (Nagoya Univ.)
Akiko Noda (Nagoya Univ.)
Fumihito Arai (Nagoya Univ.)
Mitsuo Kawaguchi (Daito ME Co., LTD.)
FE-4-3 Predatory Simulation Using Q-GA: Evolutional Learning Taking Over Experiences
Yuko Ishiwaka (National College of Technology)
Takamasa Sato (Future University Hakodate)
Masashi Furukawa (National College of Technology)
FE-4-4 Computational Intelligence for Illuminance Measurement of A Mobile Robot
Naoyuki Kubota (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Masayuki Kanemaki (University of Fukui)
Kazuhiko Taniguchi (Kinden Corporation)
Atsushi Ueda (Kinden Corporation)
FE-4-5 Behavior Learning in Virtual Environment of A Partner Robot Interactingwith Human
Naoyuki Kubota (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Yosuke Urushizaki (Fukui University)

FE-5 Pattern Understanding Organizer: K.Yoshida
Chair: K.Yoshida
ROOM5, September 24 (FRI) 15:40-17:40
FE-5-1 Feedback Nonlinear Adaptive Manifold SOM for Hand Gesture Classification
Hideaki Kawano (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Keiichi Horio (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Takeshi Yamakawa (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
FE-5-2 A Constructive Approach to Image Understanding
Kei Ohnishi (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Kaori Yoshida (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
FE-5-3 A New Enhanced Dynamic Signature Verification System Using Smart-phone
Jin-whan Kim (Youngsan University)
Hyuk-gyu Cho (Youngsan University)
Eui-young Cha (Pusan National University)
FE-5-4 Information Reduction in Retinal Region
Sung-kwan Je (Pusan National University)
Kwang-baek Kim (Silla University)
Jae-hyun Cho (Catholic University of Pusan )
FE-5-5 An Enhanced Multiple SVM for pattern classification
Mansun Kim (Kongju National University)
Sangyong Lee (Kongju National University)
FE-5-6 Design and Implementation of Effective Pattern Classification Model for Face Recognition
Do-hyeon Kim (Pusan National University)
Eui-young Cha (Pusan National University)
Kwang-baek Kim (Silla University)