SCIS & ISIS 2004
Camera Ready Paper Submission Instructions

Submission Deadline

A camera ready paper of each accepted paper to SCIS/ISIS 2004 should be submitted by the deadline of July 31st, 2004. The paper submitted after the deadline will not be published in the proceedings of SCIS/ISIS 2004.

Paper Format

Detailed instructions are found in the sample paper (from here) .

All papers must be submitted in PDF files. Authors themselves are responsible for converting their files into PDF; they must not request the conversion to the program committee. Please note that only PDF file is accepted for submission. Papers in other formats, e.g., MS-WORD, TEX SOURCE FILE, are not accepted.

Paper Length and PDF File Size

Usable Fonts in PDF file

Where to Send Papers

All camera ready papers, including regular sessions, organized sessions, and invited sessions, should be uploaded via .

After uploading the camera ready paper, you can not upload again via the above website. If you want to cancel the uploading, please visit

Authors of Regular Sessions

You have received an e-mail that describes how to submit a final paper from, around at 11pm (JST) on Tue, 13 Jul 2004. In this e-mail, you will find a paper ID and password for uploading PDF file of your paper. If the paper ID is indicated as "NO=XXXXXX" in the e-mail, please correct it to "NO-XXXXXX". (XXXXXX is 6-digits paper number.) We would like to apologize for any problem caused by this mistake.

Authors of Organized Sessions

Please visit and get your password using your ID number. It is necessary to submit your paper.

Questions should be emailed to

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